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If you’re a keen gardener, there are thousands of apps out there to help you on your way to achieving a lush garden. Whether you’re using your Blackberry to grow blackberries, your iPhone to grow apples or your Android to grow…Potatoes? They range from interfaces that let you draw up plans for your garden landscaping, to searchable encyclopedias of plants, to directories of what to plant where.

But how do you know which apps are actually going to be useful to you, and which ones aren’t worth your hard earned dollars?

Here’s our pick of gardening apps to match your gardening personality.

The Dabbler
Landscapers Companion $5.99

Landscapers Companion is a great app if you’re not all that experienced at gardening, but you like to plant bits and pieces now and again.

This app holds information on over 23,000 different plants – but don’t let that overwhelm you. Its search function is its best point. You can browse through categories, or if you know vaguely what you want you can search by scientific or common name, USDA zone, water requirements, sun exposure, bloom time, color, height and width.

So if you know you want a nice red flower to plant in your California garden that doesn’t get much rain, but gets tones of sun; or you want an amazing smelling shrub for a bit of scent marketing in your garden, this little app will find the ideal plant for you!

The Dreamer
Home Outside Palette $2.99

The Home Outside Palette is brilliant if you’re obsessed with designing your dream garden. You want a tranquil area with decking for weekend barbeques, a hammock slung between two trees, and a trickling water feature? No problem, this app will help you plan it out.

Starting with one of 5 templates, you can create your perfect garden with over 280 resizable elements, including trees, shrubbery, plots for vegetable growing, pathways, water features, sheds… Everything you need to plan your perfect backyard.

The Produce Geek
iVeggieGarden $9.99

If you’re fixated on trying to grow the perfect crop, the iVeggieGarden is the app for you.

You can search through 50 types of vegetable, which branch out into 500 different varieties, so you can find the perfect plant. The app gives you customized planting dates based on your USDA zone, and complete growing info for every veggie (and I mean complete – it takes you from germination to harvest and back again).

It also allows you to track planting dates, sprouting dates, thinning dates, flowering dates and harvest dates. You couldn’t really ask for a more meticulous app!

The No-Time Gardener
Garden ToDo $2.00

Always mean to take care of your garden but never seem to have the time? This handy little app allows you to organize the gardening tasks you need to do, and then lists them by time it’ll take, the priority you enter, or your own customized order.

It’s a simple idea, but works effectively – you’ll never have thigh-high grass again!

Jasmine Ayres is a keen gardener and tech geek who is completely addicted to her iPhone, and the plant apps she has on it. If you’re looking for a great plant provider, she recommends Ambius

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