Deadline For Facebook’s Timeline

The final deadline for Facebook’s timeline is the at end of April 2012; whether you like it or not your account will get switched with the new format.  If you have certain pictures that you do not want to be seen publicly; now is the time to revise who sees what on the new layout. There are few main points to know about the new timeline; one being that all your images are Facebook’s attempt of staying on top of the social media network. Two, this new change to Facebook’s account users is mandatory.

What is the Facebook Timeline?

It shows your history via pictures and entries for your entire time having a Facebook account. A friend can scroll down in chronological order of all your entries to Facebook. It combines your wall page and profile into one; it is designed to make it easier to navigate a person’s account.

Will Facebook “force” the new change?

Yes, your account will face the new change whether you volunteer to do it yourself by the end of April. So it is imperative you learn how to adapt to the new changes and fix your sharing options and delete any photos you do not want visible to the public or even your friends.

Is it difficult to switch over to the new timeline?

If you are an active multi-daily user who has tons of data; yes this will be time consuming to transfer all your data and set up your status feed. This is why any picture that you may not want to be visible to the public will require you delete or mark those pictures as private. A nice change is that a viewer can jump from year to year since that time the user has used Facebook; but it is pretty easy to do.

Timeline App Integration

There are some popular social sites that Facebook as allowed a user to link to that site with Facebook.  Pinterest is the hottest social site to the social networking world; and a user can “pin” an image on their account there.  Facebook has integrated Pinterest so that it will show on your time box inside your Facebook activity on the site.  It is still unclear how this may increase your traffic to the actual site shared; however, expect more social sites to be integrated with Facebook.  Their latest purchase of Instagram may prove to amplify those who use Pinterest along with Facebook.  The new timeline feature is all about images; this seems to be the number one way of sharing your content among Facebook and the other social sites.  The main purpose of the idea behind the forced change is to get Facebook users more active with their social networking.


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